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Sin Apple
9.00 0 4
New York City, The Big Apple. It's a place for people to make their new starts, for new lives to begin. Yet it hasn't always been this way. A hundred years ago, a war broke out among the preternaturals of New York City that threw the city into turmoil and Comments
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Kisatchie Wolves
9.77 0 3
Small town RPG in Royal, Louisiana based around the local wolf pack.
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Blood Noir
9.59 0 6
We are a modern day supernatural RPG based off of the Anita Blake Series and the Supernatrual TV Series. The site is AU. We are a mature roleplay site. Comments
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Imporia: Resurrection
9.86 0 1
Welcome to Imporia, a semi-literate+ bipedal werewolf role-play like never before. The human era has come to an end, and in their stead the werewolves have risen. For many years there was peace betwee Comments
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Cerulean Sins
8.92 0 4
An OC Anita Blake site. Set in Miami,Florida.The 'cure' is sweeping though the city and mermaid are the mysterious cause behind the hurricane.How will the different faction of Miami deal with all th Comments
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